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In late december of 2014, a musical idea began taking shape. Two former band mates began talking about doing music together again, music that would be the conduit to an epic story. Ideas were thrown back and forth. And soon The Astroplex was born.

The initial idea began with Herr Nox as he envisioned the basic form of what would become the main storyline for the songs. John Steele, fueled by his passion for science-fiction novels, took over in order to write the background story and what would serve as an introduction to The Astroplex.

The duo developped the Chronicles of Azhul'Tar over only a few weeks, yet, what was at first supposed to be a small EP, grew almost instantely into a full-length album.

Herr Nox is the vocalist, lyricist, keyboardist, graphic designer and instrumental composer for the project. Inspired by vintage synthethizers and movie soundtracks of the late 70s/early 80s, (Alien, Blade Runner, Terminator) his main goal is to acheive a cinematic feel with a genuine vintage sound.

John Steele is the main composer. In charge of guitars, bass, drums and additional keyboards, he wrote the full-band songs and handled the mixing and production of the album. Raised by Black Sabbath, Queen and other classics, he turned modern metal back into storytelling.

The Astroplex is the fusing of two artistic and creative minds and the result is a much needed escape from reality, taking the listener right into the infinity of space and the world of Azhul'Tar.


The Astroplex is:
Herr Nox - Male vocals, lyrics, synthesizers, artwork
CMDR. John Steele - Guitars, bass, drums, additionnal synthesizers
Lindsay Schoolcraft - Female vocals and voices


Release date: TBA

I. Opening Credits
II. Prophecy
III. Travelers
IV. A Dying World
V. The Red Emperor
VI. Va'Hel (The Prison Moon)
VII. The Rise and Fall of Satis
VIII. Battle for Azhul'Tar
IX. End Credits (The Heir)


Release date: 05.11.2015

I. Prophecy (Single Version)

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